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Nicholas Wright

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Why CalSHIELD Home Loans and not one of the large mortgage banks?

We have found that the best solutions to your situation are usually found after a good conversation. You may have a unique question or situation, lay it on us and we will do what we can to make sure you know of your options. If you don’t qualify for what you want or we have bad news for you, we will let you know how to get there. You may already be there. The days of a “lack of communication” with mortgage banks is over. Ask us anything.

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We have relationships with many banks and access to countless lenders. We are not stuck with on bank or one credit union. Our only loyalty is to you, the borrower.



We ask the right questions. Our experience leads us to avoid problems ahead of time by listening to you. With the right questions we can learn more of your goal and help with the big picture in mind.

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Our E-sign technology is a breeze. Alongside automated income and asset verification. No paperwork application if you don’t want any. It’s much easier now than ever before.



Calshield is available to you by text, email, phone. Try us anytime, we are pretty good at listening.



Need to make a decision with your future and finances? We can show you the math and walk you through each scenario. We have 15 years of explaining loan options to the California public employee, and many others as well, and 93% of our business is referral based and return client throughout that time.

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I Want My FREE Mortgage Rate Quote!