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In 2011... On average, our clients have each saved $65,993 each, in reduced interest over the life of their loans. For example:

A $300,000 loan at 5.5% creates a monthly payment of $1,703 principal and interest for 30 years.

A new payment at 4.5% creates a monthly payment of $1,520 monthly for 30 years.

How much savings are you missing out on? Find out by giving us a call at 888-602-2967 or by filling out the free pre-qualification seen here.

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Let CalSHIELD find out for you how much money you can be saving with todays low-interest rates. Click here for today's rates.

Don't want to start all over?

CalSHIELD can write any term mortgage you want. 26 years? 27.5 years? we are here to help. Compare our rates to others and look how much you could be saving.

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Our main objective is to help you in the search for what fits you best. A mortgage is like a vehicle or house, different types and different fits for different people. We help you reach YOUR goals and needs.

CalSHIELD was formed out of the need for a mortgage company to protect the California Public Employee with controlled costs on fees associated with loan origination.

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