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Pay Off Debt

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Paying Off Your Debt

Debt can be a weight around your neck that can seem usurmountable to pay off. However, often times it can be to your benefit to consolidate this debt into one monthly payment in order to free up some income, increase your tax benefits, payoff the high interest credit cards and achieve your goals by retirement time. We will even tell you if paying off your debt is a bad move for your set of financial goals, every situation is different. That is why we have an experienced team of advisors that first figure out your goals and help you reach them.

"CalSHIELD helped us lower our payments from $2,950 a month to $1,593 a month. I finally feel like we are back on track." - The Tracy Family

See How the Tracy's Accomplished This:

30 Year Loan
$250,000 @ 6.5%
$60,000 credit card @ 22%
30 Year Loan
$310,000 @ 4.625%
Savings of $14,000 yearly

We are here to construct the loan that best fits you and your family.

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Our main objective is to help you in the search for what fits you best. A mortgage is like a vehicle or house, different types and different fits for different people. We help you reach YOUR goals and needs.

CalSHIELD was formed out of the need for a mortgage company to protect the California Public Employee with controlled costs on fees associated with loan origination.

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