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We work directly with the real estate agents and banks to insure a timely and smooth transaction. We have the industry's best interest rate and our discounts for public employees make our costs unbeatable. See our comparison costs.
We offer discounts on origination, processing an order to give you the benefits you deserve. We serve you in thanks for serving California. See our cost comparison.
CalSHIELD can easily prequalify you so that any lender or agent can feel confident in your purchasing ability. It's a free service, we just need some information in order to better serve you.
Nobody wants to pay higher costs than they need to, we understand that. No one has ever asked us if they could pay more points. However, nothing is free. Zero point loans ALWAYS come at the cost of a higher interest rate. We help you figure out what works best for you now and in the long run.


Ask for a complimentary break even analysis where we can analyze the long term pros and cons of each rate available.
CalSHIELD can lock your rate upon the receipt of your application and proof of employment. Applications can be faxed, emailed or mailed to us.
Every situation is different. If your credit score is low but you have other outstanding factors, your application will most likely be approved. No two situations are exactly the same.
Costs are based on the loan size. For an exact estimate we are happy to send you a good faith estimate and walk you through all the figures.
We walk you through whats called a "break-even analysis" comparing your cost versus your savings. If lowering your interest rate is not a good investment for you, we will walk you through the process. For example a typical cost might be $3,000 and savings may be $200/monthly. For example on a 30-year loan, it would take 15 months to recover the costs followed by 345 months of savings, totaling $69,000 in savings!

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Our main objective is to help you in the search for what fits you best. A mortgage is like a vehicle or house, different types and different fits for different people. We help you reach YOUR goals and needs.

CalSHIELD was formed out of the need for a mortgage company to protect the California Public Employee with controlled costs on fees associated with loan origination.

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