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Low Cost Loans with Many Options

Whether you are dreaming of buying a new home, lowering your existing payments, or taking cash out, the CalSTRS Home Loan Program can help by offering competitive rates on a variety of mortgage loan programs:

  • Conventional Standard 15 or 30 year Fixed Rate Program — Competitive rates are available for buying a new home or refinancing to meet your individual needs. Conventional mortgage loan amounts are available up to $417,000.
  • 80/17 Program — Qualifying for a larger home mortgage is now available because of the low payment during the 5-year second mortgage deferral period. Mortgage loan amounts are available up to $505,612. This program has been suspended by STRS.
  • Zero points refinance program — Use a credit to cover third party costs. (see assumptions)

Work with Mortgage Experts

We are highly experienced are available to assist you with the CalSTRS Home Loan Program.

We are on Your Side

  • Interest rates are set daily and are competitive in the industry.
  • Your Lender receives a FREE 45-day interest rate lock upon submission of your application, to protect you from rising rates.

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Our main objective is to help you in the search for what fits you best. A mortgage is like a vehicle or house, different types and different fits for different people. We help you reach YOUR goals and needs.

CalSHIELD was formed out of the need for a mortgage company to protect the California Public Employee with controlled costs on fees associated with loan origination.

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